Vegan AirBnB Experiences

Plant-Based Food Experience In Tamarindo

We will come to your vacation home/rental, condo, hotel, etc. and prepare an unforgettable private meal for you and your guests. Guests will enjoy a multi-course vegan, plant-based dinner based on locally grown and organic ingredients found within Costa Rica and more specifically the Guanacaste region. We will serve a signature beverage to compliment the meal. The dinners will generally be 5 courses, but they can be more or less depending on the guests' request. One cocktail is included with the meal.  Please contact us prior to booking a reservation to discuss pricing options and your preferred group size. We are happy to work with smaller groups than our set minimum.We arrive to your place with all of the ingredients necessary to prepare your meal. We will set up the dining table and clean as we go making sure to leave the place as clean if not cleaner then when we arrived. 

Plant-Based Costa Rican and Nicaraguan Cooking Class 

Chef Matteo will explore traditional and modern Costa Rican and Nicaraguan dishes with a plant-based, vegan twist. In this class, we learn about the unique local ingredients and techniques used in their cuisines. We learn how to take these recipes and adapt them to a plant-based approach packed with flavor. We will discuss how to substitute for ingredients that the students may not be able to find when they return home and the best alternatives are.

Printed or digital copies of the recipes will be provided, so the students can follow along during class and be able to recreate the recipes we cooked in class for their friends and family back home. In class, we will prepare 3 recipes and then sit down together to enjoy our creations.

If the class lands on a Saturday, we may meet at the Tamarindo farmers market to tour the fruit &veggie stands and discuss some of the more unique and unfamiliar produce we find.