Lemon Verbena Ice Cream with Maple Ginger Snaps and Basil Seeds

Root Vegetable Medallion with Scarlet Runner Beans and Braised Greens

Watermelon Curry with Daikon Radish and Oyster Mushrooms

White Cacao Mousse with Tropical Fruit, Edible Flowers, Basil Seeds, and House Fermented Cacao Nibs

Coconut Cajeta with 

Toasted Sesame and Passionfruit Coulis

Golden Beet Salad with 

Fresh Ground 

Almond Butter,

 Macadamia Nut 'Salata, 

Red Beet Puree and 

Lemon Vinaigrette

Sunflower Veggie Burger with 

Miso Mustard and 


Tomato Ketchup on Onion Chia Flatbread

Made-to-Order Guacamole with 


White Corn Tortillas

Yacon Root Salad 

with Sprouted 

Watermelon Seeds 


Turmeric Ginger Kraut

Chai-spiced Chia Bowl with

Tropical Fruit, 

Cacao Nibs and 

Fresh Grated Coconut 

Platano Ceviche with 

Green Mango and 

Breadfruit Chips 

Taco Salad with Avocado, 

Spiced Walnut Crumble, 

Cashew Sour Cream and

Fermented Chile Sauce

Braised Daikon Radish with

Watermelon Curry and

 Lime Relish 

Nica Garden Salad with Pickled Jalapeños and Passionfruit Vinaigrette

Chilled Spring Pea Soup with

 Cashew Creme Fraîche,

Lemon Zest and Pea Shoots

Watermelon Salad with Fresh Basil, Jalapeño, 

Cashews and Black Sesame 

Nori Maki with Cauliflower 'Rice',

Pickled Radish, Avocado, and Sprouts

Slow Cooked 

BBQ-Style Maitake Mushroom Tacos with Avocado, 

Cashew Sour Cream and 

Fermented Chile Sauce

Watermelon Radish Ravioli

w/ Thyme-scented 

Cashew Cheese 

and Basil Puree


Red Padron Chile Sauce

(Aged 2 Years)


Reuben Wrap with 

Purple Kraut, 

Dill Seed Cheese and Russian River Dressing on 100% Whole Grain Bun 

Fresh Pressed 

Green Juice

Banana, Peanut Butter

and Mint Batido 

Purple Dragonfruit Cocktail


'Nice Cream' with 

Peanut Butter Tuile


Poached Pear with 

Young Coconut Yogurt 

and Sprouted 

Buckwheat Granola

Vanilla Bean 

Ice Cream with 

Lavender Shortbread

Dark Chocolate 

Mousse Tart with 

Almond Date Crust